West End Logo Winner!

We are pleased to announce the winning logo for the West End Logo Project by Kelly Knopp is Logo 3! This logo really captures the unique features of our neighborhood including the surf wave, the river and the Greenbelt, our proximity to other great parts of the city, while standing out from many of the other neighborhood logos. It was the clear preference among members with over 60% of the votes. 

We received 242 votes through an online survey and in person voting between May 15th through June 20th. The results are as follows:

West End Logo Vote Totals242
Logo 1208.26%
Logo 27430.58%
Logo 314861.16%

We will continue to work with the artist to colorize the winning logo design. Once completed, the neighborhood association will have full rights to the logo for use on future materials. The logo will be used for marketing on our website and other social media platforms, neighborhood swag, letterhead and hopefully sign toppers around the neighborhood (a grant application has been submitted). 

If you have any questions about this ongoing project, or the voting process, please contact us at westendboise@gmail.com.