Board Member Missive

Board Member Rachel Rudeen riding her bike.

Hi neighbors, Rachel Rudeen here. I’m a Boise native and current chair of the Community Building committee. While I’m a new board member, I’m not new to this neighborhood. I’ve been appreciating this neighborhood since my youthful days of doing landscape work. I then moved into the area and had fun exploring a budding entrepreneurial dream of putting a coffee bar in Jerry’s Market. Obviously that did work out but eventually Alchemist arrived to fill that need. When it came time to buy a house and start our family, this neighborhood was the obvious choice for us to feel at home.

The thing I’ve learned about homes, especially ours, which was built in 1938, is that they all have flaws. Some of those flaws can be addressed with a fresh coat of paint or updated flooring but others we just have to live with. The growing pains of living in a near-urban neighborhood feel very similar. Being blocks from transitional housing and on the corner of an unofficial route to the nearest convenience store and Fairview Park, we see a lot of loitering and littering along our sidewalk and alleyway. This situation isn’t anything I can control without moving but I have also never felt threatened or unsafe. 

We contacted the Boise Police Department’s community liaison who came to our home and walked us through things we could change to ensure our family’s safety while deterring theft and loitering. Locking gates and motion flood lights were a simple change to make our home feel more secure. Getting involved with the board and working to strengthen our community bonds is a way I see to make our neighborhood more secure. I hope to continue building relationships in the neighborhood and look forward to seeing where our citizen action takes this neighborhood.   

Please feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested in being a part of the Community Building committee or just want to help with events –  

Speaking of events, please come say hi at the Hallo-WENA Block Party.