WENA Annual Board Meeting 5/16

West End Neighborhood Board Meeting, Tuesday, May 16th, 6:30 pm, Fairview Park

The West End Neighborhood Association is your local advocate, striving to create a fun, safe, and wholesome community here in Boise’s West End. Our goals cannot be achieved without your input and involvement. Please join this year’s Annual General Meeting for an update on all the great things happening in our neighborhood and contribute to the future direction of our community.

This year we will be electing five new board members. You must be present to vote. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please send an email to westendboise@gmail.com. Nominations will also be accepted at the meeting on May 16th. Join the board to get involved, make an impact, and meet great people with a minimal time commitment.

Look out for two exciting WENA events this year: Neighborhood Night Out on Tuesday, Aug 1st and the 4th Annual HalloWENA Event. Stay up to date on everything in the West End by subscribing to the WENA blog at westendboise.wordpress.com.

It takes all of us to prove why the West End is the ‘best end’!


Whittier Community Garden

You may have noticed that the garden is expanding!  This means we now have more room for community members to have their own garden boxes! 

It also means we’ll need more help with garden maintenance, particularly during the summer months. 

If you’re interested in a garden box or would like to help out, please fill out this brief survey: https://forms.gle/odJbjqN5DJZhRzbg9 or email whittiercommunitygarden@gmail.com.

Board Member Missive – Anna

In closing this long and demanding year, I can think of nothing better to write about than gratitude.

Gratitude for all the goodness in our lives as Americans as well as gratitude for the challenges we have come through–hopefully with growth and understanding–but most of all gratitude for people of service who make differences in our lives. That includes the men and women in the Armed Forces who protect our country and the world, and others such as the volunteers who greet us at hospitals or who help our children find books at the libraries or citizens who protect wildlife and care for injured animals at the many rescue centers. It would include people like my fellow neighborhood association members who enrich our communities with their time, knowledge, hard work and innovation.

On another note, I wish to recognize the police force that protect us on our streets, day and night, and at their peril. And a group that I am eternally grateful for, the firefighters and paramedics. I have a long history with Los Angeles firefighters as wildfires increased in the northern region over the years and eventually took our beautiful canyon home. These firefighters were not only brave risk takers, but they cared so deeply about the people who had incurred misfortunes. They stayed after days of putting out spot fires around existing structures but most of all to be present with open arms and encouraging words for homeowners when we returned.

The Idaho brand of firefighter is cut from the same cloth. I have experienced their commitment of service and caring nature several times as they responded to our calls of help for my elderly mother, who suffers from dementia, when she had fallen, slipped off a chair, or had a hard time recovering from a seizure. They came with their steady strength and good humor as an old woman who is not in her right mind would flirt and ask them out for dates. They would play along and make her feel special. We all have had many good laughs, which relieved pressure from a situation that could otherwise be bleak. These men and women of Stations 1 and 5 and Medic 15 know my home, my dogs names, and always remind me to never hesitate to call for help when needed. Our wellbeing is important to them.

It takes a special breed to live one’s life in service of others. I would recommend that you do yourself a favor and get to know these people, their names and their stories, and be richer for it. Get to know what impassions them to do the work they do and perhaps how you can follow your own voice into a life of service in whatever way, big or small.

The human factor and connection are what make a community great. That is what I see in our neighborhood in Boise.

Thank you for allowing me to express my thanks. Here’s to a great beginning to the New Year and to a life full and rich with gratitude.

Anna Rapagna Cox

Board Member Missive

Board Member Rachel Rudeen riding her bike.

Hi neighbors, Rachel Rudeen here. I’m a Boise native and current chair of the Community Building committee. While I’m a new board member, I’m not new to this neighborhood. I’ve been appreciating this neighborhood since my youthful days of doing landscape work. I then moved into the area and had fun exploring a budding entrepreneurial dream of putting a coffee bar in Jerry’s Market. Obviously that did work out but eventually Alchemist arrived to fill that need. When it came time to buy a house and start our family, this neighborhood was the obvious choice for us to feel at home.

The thing I’ve learned about homes, especially ours, which was built in 1938, is that they all have flaws. Some of those flaws can be addressed with a fresh coat of paint or updated flooring but others we just have to live with. The growing pains of living in a near-urban neighborhood feel very similar. Being blocks from transitional housing and on the corner of an unofficial route to the nearest convenience store and Fairview Park, we see a lot of loitering and littering along our sidewalk and alleyway. This situation isn’t anything I can control without moving but I have also never felt threatened or unsafe. 

We contacted the Boise Police Department’s community liaison who came to our home and walked us through things we could change to ensure our family’s safety while deterring theft and loitering. Locking gates and motion flood lights were a simple change to make our home feel more secure. Getting involved with the board and working to strengthen our community bonds is a way I see to make our neighborhood more secure. I hope to continue building relationships in the neighborhood and look forward to seeing where our citizen action takes this neighborhood.   

Please feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested in being a part of the Community Building committee or just want to help with events – rachel@boisebrewing.com.  

Speaking of events, please come say hi at the Hallo-WENA Block Party.

Whittier Community Garden Potluck

Come join us for a potluck at the Whittier Garden this Sunday, October 9th and 5:00 pm.  Bring lawn chairs or blankets, plates/cups/silverware (to reduce waste), and food or drink to share.  We’ll take the opportunity to celebrate how far we’ve come and discuss future garden organization in light of our anticipated expansion. 

Can’t come but want to hear more about the garden or get involved? Email whittiercommunitygarden@gmail.com

West End Halloween Event


Please join us on Saturday, October 29th from 4-7pm at Fairview Park for a Halloween themed block party. We have games and activities planned for the event but want to make you aware of THREE contests:

1. House Decorating Contest- WENA will be awarding the three best decorated houses on Saturday morning, October 29th so get your spooky decorations out in preparation for Halloween. An award sign will be posted in your front lawn if you have won.

2. Costume Contest- Make sure to check-in at the WENA table on Saturday during the block party to enter your costume for the costume contest. Winners will be announced during the block party around 6pm.

3. Pumpkin Carving Contest- Please bring your carved pumpkin to display at the block party. (**NOTE: We will not be carving at the block party). Winning pumpkins will be awarded a prize during the block party on Saturday the 29th.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

This Week in the West End

The monthly neighborhood meeting will be held on the third Wednesday of the month, which is this Wednesday, September 21st. The meeting is still held in Fairview Park at 6:30 p.m. All members and public are welcome to join. A tentative agenda will be shared here and through the email distribution list before the meeting.

Fitness at Fairview

Join us Saturday, September 24th at 9AM at Fairview Park on 23rd and Idaho. Grace Alford, CPT, will lead a fitness class. All levels of experience are welcome. Bring a mat or blanket.

This one hour class will be a circuit style, cardio based class that utilizes body weight exercises to give you a full body workout and help you develop muscle and cardiovascular endurance.

All instructors are from our neighborhood. Donations accepted.

Monthly Board Missive

Board Member Lauren Pennisi

In an effort to continue to reach our residents, board members will write a monthly blog post. You will hear from each board member, once a month. This month, Lauren Pennisi shares her neighborhood favorites with you.

I love discovering hidden treasures, especially when they’re in walking distance of my house. As a long-time resident of this neighborhood, I have seen many changes but there are some constants and some new favs. What am I talking about? Food, of course! Well, mostly food, and a couple of other retail thrills.

Constants include Capri diner on Fairview near McDonald’s. The food is always good and hot but my personal favorite is the cornbread; it’s slightly sweet as though there’s a dash of honey.  Best ever! Open daily 6am-3pm.

Then there’s soup. My main criteria is that it must be hot! Piping hot! Steam curls wafting off the top. Otherwise it goes back. Sushi Joy has the best wonton soup. Not only is it hot but includes veggies too. A quart makes a meal for me. (Btw, that location used to be a Denny’s way back when. Then some kind of dinosaur-themed diner, which didn’t last long, and then it became Sushi Joy. I those are the highlights of its history.) Open six days a week, 6am-3pm. Closed Monday.

For retail therapy, I always stop by Forget-Me-Not on State Street. You may pass by it because it’s sandwiched between the car wash and Capital Lumber. Great vintage finds, friendly staff. In fact, they’ve all become friends and I love to go and chat with them. Lots of laughs and connecting about mutual friends. Open Wed-Sat, 11-5pm.

New to the neighborhood and fast becoming a favorite is Press & Still. An expert blending scents and perfumes, Elisha is so creative with her blends of essential oils and teas. Another location that you may miss as you go buzzing down State Street. You’ll find her shop next to 27th Auto and the Barber Shop. Parking in back. Open Wed-Sat, 11-3pm.

All these treasures are right here in the West End. I hope you’ll take some time to explore and share any of your treasures with me! 


August Meeting Minutes, Water Survey and Fitness!

Check out the meeting minutes from the August board meeting, held on Wednesday, August 17th at Fairview Park. Notable highlights from the meeting are the Veolia water report and the new Harvest Festival!

Read both meeting minutes and the water report below:


Come join us for the third Fitness at Fairview class; it’s a one-hour, all fitness levels class on Saturday, August 27, at Fairview Park at 9AM. Instructor Carla Whitish will include stretching, core, gentle Pilates, and some yoga poses. Wake up your mind and body! Bring a mat (2 if you have them) and some water. Carla is looking forward to meeting you, friends, and family.

Donations accepted.